Wireless 911 Help Desk



Please make INdigital Telecom your first contact for all wireless 911 issues:

  • Audio problems
  • Misrouted calls
  • Dropped calls
  • Transfer issues
  • ANI failure
  • ALI failure
  • Phantom, abandoned and prank calls
  • Incorrect call information

Wireless Caller Location Assistance

(i.e., suicide threats, hostage calls) click Exigent Circumstances Procedures & Forms tab on left.

INdigital technicians can offer assistance identifying the wireless carrier for a call, but only the wireless carrier can perform a call trace or give you the subscriber's address information.

Creating A Trouble Report

When calling trouble in or submitting a ticket online, please have as much information as possible for issues related to a specific 9-1-1 call:

  • ESRK
  • Date and time of call
  • Phone number
  • Location information from the initial call and rebid

INdigital telecom has been alerted by wireline 911 providers that if you report wireless trouble calls to your wireline 911 provider, you may be charged for their response.

Call INdigital for wireless trouble reports, which is provided to you at NO CHARGE

Rerouting your wireless 911 calls for an outage, emergency or for system and equipment maintenance:

  • Call the INdigital 24 hour emergency line 1-877-469-2010
    • You will get free help when you call. An INdigital technician will re-route your PSAP's wireless calls to the backup PSAP agency of your choice.
    • You can also have automatic call rerouting setup in advance. Call the INdigital Quality Resolution Center (QRC) at the number above to learn more.

  • You can also use the INcontrol service of your IN911 network IP phone.
    • If your IN911 MEVO phone has been programmed for this option, you can log in to the INcontrol menu option using your pre-selected PIN and select the agency you want to receive your calls.

You should continue to use your existing procedures for rerouting wireline 911 calls with your 911 service provider.

911 Transfer to Language Line

  • Use the dedicated translate button (if you have one) - or use your touch tone pad *8#9528#
  • Press 1 for Spanish, Press 2 for other language, Press 0 for unknown languages
  • Provide the service ID:______________(call INdigital to get this info, 877-469-2010)
  • Brief the interpreter, and be sure to say: "this is an Emergency Call"
  • Summarize what you know: give them special instructions, talk in the 1st person